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the 1 Mb resolution dog RH map. 2003

CNRS-UMR6061 University of Rennes1, France
FHCRC  Seattle, USA
CRH_Server :   COMPARATIVE   and   RADIATION   HYBRID   SERVER for   the   Canine   Genome

C. Hitte, T. Derrien, C. André, E.A. Ostrander, F. Galibert. CRH_server: an online comparative and radiation hybrid mapping server for the canine genome. Bioinformatics. 2004 Dec 12;20(18):3665-7. [-abstract-]


  • The Comparative and Radiation Hybrid Server (CRH_Server)
    [dedicated to the placement of marker on the 1 Mb resolution Canine RH map (guyon et al. 2003)]
      Enter you RH vector :

        Select the number of best_2pt to be returned :
        Select the CFA to be searched :
        Select markers type to be searched :
        Return results for : | CRH_Server help |


      RH vector should be formatted and submitted as :
      EXAMPLE 0001001001001000010000000000002011000001000100000000010000000100000010011001000001000000100010000000000100000000100110

    • Use CRH_Server to submit a batch of markers [-Enter-]
    • | batch help |
    • Use CRH_Server to store RH data [-Enter-]
    • | store help |


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