The 1 Mb resolution dog RH map. 2003, Guyon et al.

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    The 1 Mb resolution dog RH map [-Guyon et al Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,2003. 10.1073. ]
    Interpreting the maps : 
    The position of each marker is reported along the RH map, symbolized by a vertical bar.
    The RH map shows the five maps automatically delivered by TSP/CONCORDE. Comparison of the maps is highlighted
    by horizontal bars of variable lengths. When a marker is present on all five maps at the same position,
    the horizontal bar has a maximum length indicating high confidence. When a marker is present at different positions,
    the horizontal bar is shortened, reflecting a lower confidence level.
    A scale of 0 to 100% reflects the confidence level for the position of each marker. Numbers in parenthesis indicate
    the number of each marker as it appears in the consensus map. In scrambled regions, markers occupying several positions
    are bracketed in order to narrow the problematic region into smaller intervals.
    Marker names indicated in red correspond to gene-based markers (Type I);
    Other markers are colored black (Table 1 for nomenclature).
    Highly polymorphic microsatellites comprising MMS-2 are noted with three asterisks (***);
    polymorphic STS, genes or BAC-ends are noted with one asterix (*).
    Colored boxes to the right of the markers display human segments and the chromosomal band position of human putative orthologs.
    Human sequence coordinates (from v31 NCBI built) are indicated in Mb to the right between brackets. 
    At the left of the RH map, a DAPI-banded ideogram is drawn.
    Markers assigned to chromosomes by FISH are linked to their RH map positions by colored lines (11).
    Colored bars correspond to the human evolutionary conserved segments.  Numbers indicate HSA origin as determined by reciprocal
    chromosome painting (30, 31).
    Distances between RH markers are reported in TSP units between the horizontal bars. The physical size of each chromosome (in Mb),
    as determined by flow sorting (25), and the RH group total size (in TSP units) are reported in the frame. The correspondences
    between TSP Unit and kb are also reported in the frame.
    11. Breen, M., Jouquand, S., Renier, C., Mellersh, C. S., Hitte, C., Holmes, N. G., Cheron, A., Suter, N., Vignaux, F., Bristow, A. E., Priat, C., McCann, E., Andre, C., Boundy, S., Gitsham, P., Thomas, R., Bridge, W. L., Spriggs, H. F., Ryder, E. J., Curson, A., Sampson, J., Ostrander, E. A., Binns, M. M. & Galibert, F. (2001) Genome Res 11, 1784-95. 25. Langford, C. F., Fischer, P. E., Binns, M. M., Holmes, N. G. & Carter, N. P. (1996) Chromosome Res 4, 115-123. 30. Breen, M., Thomas, R., Binns, M. M., Carter, N. P. & Langford, C. F. (1999) Genomics 61, 145-155. 31. Yang, F., O'Brien, P. C., Milne, B. S., Graphodatsky, A. S., Solanky, N., Trifonov, V., Rens, W., Sargan, D. & Ferguson-Smith, M. A. (1999) Genomics 62, 189-202.